WSS100-TG E1/T1 VoIP Trunk Gateway

pri trunk gateway

WSS100-TG is a VoIP trunking gateway for service providers and medium to large enterprises. Built in IP interfaces and T1/E1 interfaces, it bridges packet networks to traditional voice network trunking facilities which include PSTN class 4 switches, class5 swithes, and various enterprise PBXs. It supports ISDN PRI signaling protocol for interconnection to PSTN switches or PBXs and SIP protocol as the primary interface to soft switch. WSS100-TG has successfully completed interoperability tests with most advanced soft switches in the global market place.


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WSS120 VoIP Gateways


WSS120 series VoIP Access gateway are a telecom carrier class VoIP Gateway designed for regular phone service, Fax service and IP Centrex service,WSS120 VoIP SIP gateways  can be used by carrier and enterprise as part of the cost effective IP-PBX solutions;

WSS120 VoIP Gateways is the newest family in RealTone’s WSS series VoIP gateway products.  It offers maximum capacity of 96 FXS lines and/or FXO lines, suitable for carrier and medium enterprise VoIP deployment. 


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WSS60 VoIP SIP Gateways

VoIP Access Gateway

WSS60 Series SIP VoIP Gateway is  designed for multi-purposes applications. Supporting SIP and MGCP for call signaling and TR069 for management as well, WSS60 enables vast deployment in delivering carrier-hosted converged services as well as enterprise-based voice applications.


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WSS8 SIP Gateways


WSS8 Series VoIP Gateway ATA is  designed for multi-purposes applications. provides 4 to 8 FXS/FXO analog ports, Supporting SIP and MGCP for call signaling and TR069 for management as well,  fully compatilbe with the popular IP PBX and SoftSwitch;


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WSS4 SIP Adapter ATA


WSS4  Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) series offers high quality low-density access devices used in residential, SOHO and mobile office VoIP applications. It provides reliable, low-cost, and flexible means to deploy converged communication solutions for network operators and enterprises. WSS4 series can be configured as either 2-in-1 with connections to Ethernet and analog phones, or 3-in-1 with connections to Ethernet, analog phones and CO lines. 

Consisting of 3 models, WSS4 series is a desktop and wall mountable. The highly compact hardware with a ARM9 400M CPU supports the Linux kernel, delivering stable performance, high interoperability and compatibility, and rich features. WSS4 series is a cost-effective entry-level VoIP device with the capability and quality seen in expensive VoIP equipments., it is nice VoIP Phone Adapter for VoIP service provider or IP PBX system Integrator;


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