Open-Source IP PBX Applications

These are more and more companies are deploying open-source IP-PBXs now, like Asterisk or FreeSwitch based on IP PBX phone systems, and other SIP-based communications servers in their networks. Developers and resellers of such systems need to be able to complement the central IP-PBX with other network elements that will provide their customers with a full solution.

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All-In-One IP PBX

Real Tone Technologies RT series All in one IP PBX based on embedded design with IP PBX software inside, support up to 96 analog extensions and CO PSTN lines,  only one unit will provide complete IP PBX phone systems for small and large-size office, RT Series IP PBX support local or remote SIP extensions,  and can be working under NAT for remote SIP extensions,  it is really full-featured IP PBX phone systems with low cost

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Call Center

VoIP based on Call center applications

Hotel PBX system

This module allows the displaying of a syndicated feed. Help

Calling Card

calling card service

Call Termination

4 to 96 FXO PSTN ports VoIP Gateways for call terminations

Residential Phone System

IMS badsed on Residential telephone service solutions for telecom carrier

VoIP Service

Are you looking for VoIP Gateways, VoIP phones, VoIP ATA, and IP PBX for your VoIP service?