All-In-One IP PBX

Real Tone Technologies RT series All in one IP PBX based on embedded design with IP PBX software inside, support up to 96 analog extensions and CO PSTN lines,  only one unit will provide complete IP PBX phone systems for small and large-size office, RT Series IP PBX support local or remote SIP extensions,  and can be working under NAT for remote SIP extensions,  it is really full-featured IP PBX phone systems with low cost

IP PBX have been very popular and accepted for more and more companies for their office phone communiction systems, because IP PBX based on IP technology, so it is very easy to add new features and more extensions in the future, it is really cost reduction and investment protection are the main challenges; specially for branches office, with RT series IP PBX you will be:

Always Connected with Your Customers

Better Relation with Customers

Reduction of Telecommunications Cost

High efficiency works


What  we need to do All-in-One  IP PBX systems:

        Connecting the RT IP PBX  to PSTN by CO lines

        Connecting Telephone to RT IP PBX's phone ports; and Adding local or remote extensions by VoIP Gateways or IP phones

         Enabling the connectivity for mobile users by WIFI or 3G network

         Integrating the IP PBX with the exsiting office software like Fax, Mail

        Voice mail, Recording service


About Real Tone Technologies  All in One IP PBX solutions:

       RT series is Real Tone's All in one IP PBX products, RT series IP PBX support 4 to 96 analog extensions or CO lines inside, and support up to 120 SIP users, and 80 SIP trunks to connect with ITSP for least cost routing; RT series embedded IP PBX is customized phone system for small and large-size office, with full featured and low cost;

IP PBX solution