Open-Source IP PBX Applications

These are more and more companies are deploying open-source IP-PBXs now, like Asterisk or FreeSwitch based on IP PBX phone systems, and other SIP-based communications servers in their networks. Developers and resellers of such systems need to be able to complement the central IP-PBX with other network elements that will provide their customers with a full solution.

Why open source IP PBX  been  popular and accepted for enterprises:

          Low cost and full-featured

          Easy to install and maintain

         Customers can customize the features what  they want

         SIP standard and compatible with any SIP standard device or software so that customers can integrate open source IPBX with any othey device and systems;


What  we need to do for open source IP PBX systems:

         Selecting Asterisk, FreeSwicth or other open source platform  to host the IP PBX

         Connecting the IP PBX with exsiting telephone systems like PSTN or PABX

         Adding local or remote extensions by VoIP Gateways or IP phones

         Enabling the connectivity for mobile users by WIFI or 3G network

         Integrating the IP PBX with the exsiting office software like Fax, Mail


What Real Tone Technologies providing for open source IP PBX solutions:

       VoIP PRI trunking gateways or 4 to 96 FXO analog ports gateways as the SIP trunk of the IP PBX to connect with PSTN

       4 to 96 FXS analog VoIP Gateways to register with the IP PBX as analog extensions

      VoIP phones


Real Tone Technologies's full range VoIP products for open source IP PBX solutions as below:

ip pbx solutions


Featured Products for Open Source IP PBX solutions

WSS100-TG E1/T1 trunk gateways

VoIP E1 gateway 

WSS120-96S 96FXS ports VoIP SIP gateway 

96 FXS ports VoIP Gateways

WSS60-48S  48 FXS ports SIP gateways

48 FXS VoIP Gateways  

 RS530 VoIP Phones

VoIP phones