What is your working time

09:00-18:00 (GMT+8 Beijing), from Monday to Friday

How to make a instant payment?(only for samples and a small amount)

Like to suggest you to use western union or PayPal, which only takes a few minutes to get your payments

How to make payment

We accept below payment methods:

Wire Transfer

Western Union




Are you qualified with OEM orders?

Yes, for OEM order we require MOQ,the quantity will depend on the special models

What is lead time?

We have  sample units in stock every day, for order around 10 days

How to get sample for testing?

Please contact with our sales team, We dont provide free sample device for testing;

What is the warranty

We provide 12 months warranty for hardware, and free software upgrade;

How to return for repair?

Please contact with our seals team, or customer support

How to ship goods to customers?

Basically, we send goods by DHL, UPS, Fedex, EMS or other carriers, but  if customers have forwarder in china we also can send goods to them

How to place an order?

1):Refer to our web site first, then inform us by e-mail or phone call of what models you will be interested at.
(2):We will make offers respectively for your study.
(3):Negotiate the price , the purchasing quantity, then we will give you our P/I for your approval.
(4):Need you to organize the payment ( 30% deposit first for bulk orders; if for samples, full payment). Once received your payment, we will organize products, samples and shipments ASAP

What is the difference for 4 to 96 FXS/FXO ports voip gateway?

4 to 96 FXS/FXO analog ports VoIP gateways have same software and functions, only different ports capacity;

What VoIP  protocols supported by Real Tone's  gateways?


If  4 to 96 FXS/FXO ports VoIP Gateways can be compatible with open source IP PBX server like Asterisk, FreeSwitch ?

Yes, Real Tone's full line of VoIP products fully compatible with the popular open source IP PBX software like Asterisk 1.2/1.4/1.6 and FreeSwitch;

How to use 4 to 96 FXO PSTN ports VoIP Gateways for call terminations?

Real Tone's 4 to 96 FXO PSTN ports VoIP Gateways can be the SIP trunks for SIP server for call terminations,  FXO ports can be connected with Co lines or GSM/CDMA terminals; FXO ports support line hunting, and one stage dial;

What is the differrent between RT all in one IP PBX and RX Hybrid IP PBX?

RT series is all in one IP PBX system with SIP server inside for small and large-size office, support local or remote SIP extensions, Voice mail and recording

RX is the low cost Hybrid IP PBX from Real Tone, it is only simple PBX system with SIP trunks to connects with ITSP,  But dont support SIP extensions, and voice mail, also Recording

How many extensions can provided by RT Series IP PBX 

RT series IP PBX support 4 to 96 FXS ports analog extensions, and 5 to 120 SIP extensions, so totally extensions can be up to 216

How many CO PSTN lines  can provided by RT Series IP PBX 

RT series IP PBX support 4 to 96 FXO CO lines;

Can RT IP PBX be working under NAT for remote SIP users 

Yes, RT IP PBX can be working under NAT for SIP users, but need map ports on Router, and DDNS service;

What  E1/T1 signalling supported by  WSS100-TG VoIP Media trunk gateway?

Only ISDN PRI now;

Real Tone's VoIP gateways how to working for Fax service 

Real Tone's WSS series VoIP Gateways support T.38 fax relay and T.30, By default, T.38 is enabled;

Real Tone's FXS ports Gateways how to connect with POTS machine for card service 

Real Tone's FXS ports can support POTS machine for card support, if you need this service please contact with our customer support