WSS60 VoIP SIP Gateways

VoIP Access Gateway

WSS60 Series SIP VoIP Gateway is  designed for multi-purposes applications. Supporting SIP and MGCP for call signaling and TR069 for management as well, WSS60 enables vast deployment in delivering carrier-hosted converged services as well as enterprise-based voice applications.



A WSS60 VoIP gateway is typically used to connect analog telephone terminals, PBXs or key systems to the IP network through FXO or FXS ports, and is ideal components in many VoIP-based solutions.

WSS60 series VoIP gateway are a Enterprise class VoIP access Gateway designed for regular phone service, Fax service and IP Centrex service, WSS600 can be used by carrier and enterprise as part of the cost effective IP-PBX solutions;

WSS60 SIP gateways designed with 1U (up to 48 analog lines)  high and 19'' wide compact chassis. Full capacity system consumes maximum 95W power, and can be either 110-240V AC or -48V DC input.

Main Applications:

       Residential telephone service or IP-centrex with IMS platform

       Local or remote VoIP access gateways for IP PBX application Enterprise, Government branches, Hotel and schools

       Interconnection for PABXs, or Lines extension;

       VoIP Long Distance application for IP phone supermarkets and enterprises 
Carrier primary and secondary line service

Key Features:

      SIP or MGCP VoIP Access Gateway

      SIP-PSTN analog VoIP Gateway

      Support IMS TISPAN Specs

      TR 069 for Management

      RADIUS Client for CDR

Technical Specs





VoIP Specs

Protocols:   SIP and MGCP

Voice Codecs:  G.711u/aLaw, G.729A, G.723.1, GSM, iLBC

DTMF Method:   RFC2833, SIP INFO, In-Band

G.168 Echo Cancellation

T.38 fax relay, T.30 fax transparent

VAD: Voice Active detection

CNG: Comfort noise generation

Dynamic jitter buffer management Static jitter buffer

QoS:  IEEE 802.1p tag

           DiffServ code point (TOS) bits

Encryption for RTP and SIP packages





DHCP Client

PPPoE Client


NAT traversal (STUN)







FXS Ports

Dialing support both of DTMF and Pulse

Polarity inverse generation

Caller ID generation (FSK/DTMF, before ring and after ring)

Ring cadence setting

Ring frequency setting

Volume control

Hook flash timing setting

Message waiting indicator (FSK, polarity inverse, High Voltage 100V)






FXO Ports

Polarity inverse detection

Caller ID detection (FSK/DTMF, before ring and after ring)

Busy tone detection

DTMF out-pulsing timing setting

Volume control

Ring timing setting

Automatic attendant (2nd  stage dialing)

Direct inward dialing DID













Call Features

Blind/Explicit  transfer

Call forward

Call Waiting

Caller ID by number or name

Caller ID blocking

Caller ID on call waiting

Distinctive ring

Do not disturb

Music on hold

Color ring back tone

Call progress tone (Configurable)

Release control (Called party control, calling party control)

Three-way calling

Speed dialing

Calling and called number based routing

Call number transformation (Add, delete, replace)

Hunt group (Sequential and circular hunt)

Ring group

Digit map

PSTN failover

Peer to Peer calls without SIP server

Intercom PBX function






TR069-based management (Include TR069, TR104, and TR106)



Web-based management interface (Local and remote access)

Configuration files import and export by WEB

System status monitoring and statistics by WEB









Processor:  ATMEL AT91SAM9G20

DSP:  TI TMS320VC5509A

System Memory: 64M

Flash Memory: 8M

FXO/FXS Connector: RJ45

Off-hook Detection: Loop start or DDI

Max. User Line Length 1500 meters

Ring Voltage: 60V 20 RMS

OnHook Voltage: -48V

Ring Equivalent Value  5 REN (short distance)

Power supply 100~240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1A max

Power Consumption    75W max

Dimension (H x W x D) 44 x 440 x 260 mm (1U) 

Weight: Net weight: 5Kg; Gross weight (include package): 6Kg

Operating Temperature: 0~40 ℃; Humidity: 10%~90% (non conducing)

Non Operating Temperature: -10~60 ℃; Humidity: 5%~90% ( non conducing )



VoIP Gateway 48 fxs ports

voip gateway 24 FXS



Model name FXS ports FXO ports Ethernet ports Rack-mount
WSS60-48S 48 0 2 1U chassis
WSS60-32S 32 0 2 1U chassis
WSS60-24S 24 0 2 1U chassis
WSS60-16S 16 0 2 1U chassis
WSS60-20S/4 20 4 2 1U chassis
WSS60-8S/8 8 8 2 1U chassis
WSS60-24S/8 24 8 2 1U chassis
WSS60-40S/8 40 8 2 1U chassis
WSS60-16S/16 16 16 2 1U chassis
WSS60-32S/16 16 16 2 1U chassis
WSS60-24S/24 24 24 2 1U chassis

Above Models with same software and WEB menu;